Red Deer Public Hearing on Cannabis Legalization

Make your voices heard Red Deer!

Attend the Red Deer City Council Public Hearing on April 16, 2018 at 6pm in Council Chambers

and let our municipal government know how and where you think cannabis should be sold in our city.

As an established local business operating for over 22 years in Red Deer,

Gord’s Smoke Shop would like to see opportunities for existing local businesses to enter this industry.

Judging by City Councils initial land use bylaw amendments,

it is going to be next to impossible for Gord’s to be approved as a cannabis retailer.

Due to our City’s saturation of liquor establishments, and Council’s bylaw amendment to not allow cannabis to be sold adjacent to said establishments,

many of the areas zoned for retail business in Red Deer are deemed unacceptable for cannabis retail stores.

Let Red Deer City Council know what you think about this and other topics related to cannabis legalization!

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