Shop Local This Holiday Season – A Nicole Rant

Gord’s Smoke Shop is a great supporter of shopping local.

Even when looking at suppliers for our store we like to use businesses as close to Red Deer and Central Alberta as possible.

We love to showcase local glassblowers, engravers, designers and producers.

We urge everyone to Look For Local First!

Understandably, we cannot all purchase local 100% of the time, but just know that if you spend $20 at a local business, that has a much greater impact on growing someone’s business

(and the local economy) than spending that $20 at a huge corporation.

When you spend money at local businesses, you may pay a bit more, but you are buying food for that business owner and their family, or putting their children into education not just contributing to the massive profit of corporations.

PLUS, these local businesses put so much back into the community, from donating to local charities, to employing local residents and beyond.

So please, on behalf of all local businesses and their employees, the next time you need to buy something ask,

“Is there any locally based business that can meet my needs?”

And Thank You from all of us local businesses, we would not be here if was not for our local customers!

Peace! -Nicole