Conversion Stone 3 Pack

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  • High Quality Glass.
  • Set Of 3.
  • Three Sizes; 0.375", 0.500", & 0.625".
  • Reusable, Built To Last.
  • Thermal Shock Resistant.
  • Self-Cleaning.
  • Healthier Smoke & Vape - Reduces Tozins, Retains Full Flavour.
  • Converts Smoke & Vaoe Devices Into Interchangeable Uses.
  • No Waste, Blocks Particles, Uses Low Head, Heats Fast, Saves Butane.

Every smoker should have a stone! A conversion stone! This set of three high quality glass stones helps create a healthier smoke & vape, reducing toxins while retaining full flavour. This set has 13 multiple uses, including filtration, nail replacement, coil protectors, concentrate converter, screen replacement, and more!

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