Cheech Beaker Base Build-Your-Bong Base

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  • 7" Tall.
  • Made Of Thick Borosilicate Glass.
  • Plain Beaker Base.
  • Build-A-Bong Base.
  • 45mm Joint Size.
  • Lock Clip Included.
  • 14mm Glass Bowl.

Elevate your smoking game with the Cheech Beaker Base Build-Your-Bong Base, an essential component for creating your personalized smoking masterpiece. Designed by Cheech, a trusted name in smoking accessories, this base offers both style and function. The beaker base design not only provides stability but also allows for larger water capacity, ensuring superior smoke filtration and cooling. Crafted with precision, this base guarantees smooth, clean hits that maximize your smoking pleasure. One of the standout features is its compatibility with other Cheech Build-Your-Bong components, giving you the creative freedom to design a bong that perfectly suits your preferences. Constructed from high-quality glass, it offers exceptional durability and heat resistance, promising years of enjoyable smoking sessions. Whether you're an experienced smoker or just starting your bong journey, the Cheech Beaker Base Build-Your-Bong Base is an essential element for crafting a customized and enjoyable smoking experience. Elevate your smoking setup today with this versatile and highly functional base.  


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