Cheech Glass 14mm Male 90° Sandblasted Quartz Banger

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  • 14mm Joint Size.
  • Male Fitting.
  • 90° Angle.
  • Made Of Quartz.
  • Sandblasted Design.

Introducing the Cheech Glass 14mm Male 90° Sandblasted Quartz Banger – the perfect accessory to enhance your dabbing setup. Crafted with precision and quality by Cheech Glass, known for their innovative designs and superior craftsmanship, this quartz banger offers exceptional performance and durability.   

Featuring a 14mm male joint and a 90° angle, this quartz banger is compatible with a wide range of dab rigs. The sandblasted finish adds a stylish touch while providing a non-slip surface for easy handling.   

Crafted from high-quality quartz, this banger offers excellent heat retention and distribution, ensuring optimal vaporization of your concentrates for smooth and flavorful hits. The 14mm male joint fits snugly into your dab rig, while the 90° angle allows for comfortable and convenient dabbing. 

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