R.Y.O.T. Piper Case Stash Carbon Series

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  • With SmellSafe & Lockable Technology.
  • Piper size.
  • Keeps odors locked in and the weather out.
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer warranty.

The Piper™ features memory style foam, RYOT® Stick Stop™ silicone pad, lined freshness pouch and durable exterior weatherproof canvas fabric RYOT® Smell Safe™ Carbon Series™ locks in odors for discrete storage and transport. Pack and Protect with RYOT®. The SmellSafe® Carbon Series™ incorporates extensive carbon fibre padding that both neutralizes and traps odors in its pores while our coated waterproof fabric and moisture seal zipper provide a true physical barrier to keep odors in and the weather out. To re-activate the Carbon lining filters, simply put in the dryer for 5 minutes.

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