Smokit Small Dugout

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  • 2.5" Tall.
  • Comes With A Poker, Removable Grinder Card, Silicone Container And A 2 Inch Metal Bat.

Smokit is all about making new, genuinely innovative products that make smoking a breeze. Smokit focuses on building products based on practicality, quality, and convenience with the end-user in mind. Smokit products are based on an active lifestyle and want people to live life to the fullest. Smokit is an incredibly compact smoking kit that is like a Micro Box on Steroids. It has a multi-hitter, poker, silicone container, and grinder card all in a Zippo sized smell-resistant case. It works similar to a Micro Box with loading the multi-hitter, but allows you to grind directly into the storage area.

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