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Smokin' & Tokin' Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

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Hemp Heal Bath Bombs
Smoke Odor Candles
From $15
Smoke Odor Candles In stock
Save $9.01
Red Eye Glass Admiral Hand Pipe
Silicone Dino Bong
Silicone Dino Bong In stock
Save $6
Lipstick Type_Hidden Pipe | Gord's Smoke Shop
$9 $15
Lipstick Hidden Pipe In stock
Raw Lips Sticker
Raw Lips Sticker In stock
Save $5.99
Zippo Love Matte Lighter
$33.96 $39.95
Zippo Love Matte Lighter In stock
Save $5.99
Zippo Anne Stokes Collection Purple Heart Lighter
Save $8.99
Zippo Peace Love Leaf Lighter
$50.96 $59.95
Zippo Peace Love Leaf Lighter In stock
Save $9.01
Gear Premium Blocked Bubble Carb Cap
Save $1.40
Creative Creations Resin Heart Dabber
Save $1.10
Creative Creations Resin Crown Dabber
Save $6.01
Kush Kones- Smoke S'more With You
Save $20.01
Yocan (R)evolve Wax Pen
$44.99 $65
Yocan (R)evolve Wax Pen In stock

Gord's Smokin' & Tokin' Guide

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The Origin Of 420

The Origin Of 420

cannabisNicole Raffa
How to Care for Your Butane Lighter

How to Care for Your Butane Lighter

Nicole Raffa
5 Cigars Under $10 Each!

5 Cigars Under $10 Each!

tobaccoNicole Raffa