5 Methods Of Odor Control

Methods of Odor Control

There are several ways to eliminate and/or mask the odor of smoke...or any bad smell!
Different situations require different options. Here are 5 of our favorite ways to keep your space smelling fresh no matter what.



An excellent option for people who don't like a heavy scent. Smoke Odor Candles enzyme formula will attack and remove unpleasant odors when burning. Leaving behind a delicious, long lasting scent. All while providing a calming candle glow.


Great for when you need odor control NOW. Fast acting sprays that start working as soon as you spray into the air. Get rid of any smoke or pet odors with Smoke Odor Exterminator & Air Freshener. An enzyme formulated spray removes odors instead of masking them.

Gels & Blocks

Designed to be used where you need constant and consistent odor removal. Gel and block tubs contain odor neutralizing agents formulated to safely eliminate a wide spectrum of odors. Simply remove the lid and place in an area where odors are prevalent. Depending on room size and airflow, they can last 30-90 days!


A powerful and fairly quick acting method of odor control...and the least expensive! Available in many forms and fragrances, incense is a classic and traditional way to influence your space. Odors are masked by incenses power and eliminated when certain essential oils are used in the incense production.

Smoke Buddy's

An option that stops the smoke odor before it happens! The Smokebuddy is a handy, and reliable, life saving air filter. Simply exhale your smoke through your easy-to-use Smokebuddy and odorless air comes out the other end. Smoke where you want, and when you want without anyone knowing the wiser. Keep second hand smoke and odors away from friends, family, and neighbors!

We hope this was helpful in solving your tokin' stealthy problems.
Happy Smokin'N'Tokin'