Mushroom Backflow Incense Burner

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  • 2.5" x 4".
  • Made Of Polyresin.
  • Backflow Incense Burner.

Create a whimsical and enchanting atmosphere with the Mushroom Backflow Incense Burner. Crafted with intricate details, this incense burner features a charming mushroom design that adds a touch of magic to your space. The backflow design allows the fragrant smoke to flow downward, creating a mesmerizing cascade that complements the mushroom theme. Made with quality materials, this incense burner is both decorative and functional, providing a unique and visually appealing way to enjoy your favorite scents. Immerse yourself in the world of nature-inspired decor - order your Mushroom Backflow Incense Burner now for a captivating and aromatic addition to your home.   


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