Brigham Humidor Solution 16oz

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  • 16oz Bottle Of Brigham Humidor Solution.
  • Regulates Humidity To A Perfect 70%.
  • Anti-Fungal.

Introducing Brigham Humidor Solution, a high-quality and reliable solution for maintaining the perfect humidity levels in your cigar humidor. Our 16oz bottle of humidor solution is specially formulated to provide the ideal moisture balance, ensuring that your cigars stay fresh, flavorful, and in optimal condition.  

Designed for use with cigar humidors of all sizes, our humidor solution is made with distilled water and premium-grade propylene glycol, a safe and effective humectant. This combination helps regulate and stabilize the humidity inside your humidor, preventing cigars from drying out or becoming overly moist.  

Using our Brigham Humidor Solution is easy. Simply add the desired amount of solution to your humidification device or directly into your humidor's humidifier. The solution will slowly evaporate, releasing a controlled amount of moisture into the air, keeping the humidity level within the recommended range for cigars.   

With our Brigham Humidor Solution, you can trust that your cigars are receiving the optimal care and protection they deserve. Ensure the longevity and quality of your cigar collection with our reliable humidor solution. 


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