Brigham Mountaineer #65 Tobacco Pipe

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  • 3 Dot.
  • 5" Long.
  • Bent Neck.
  • Uses Brigham Maple Rock Filters.
  • Briar Wood.

Brigham Moutaineer Tobacco Pipe Series are finished with beautiful mahogany that stands out against the black acrylic stem. Three brass dots are inset in the stem. "Mountaineer" plus shape code stamped into the wood. The smooth finish on the bowls really highlights the wood grain lines underneath in a way that can not be mistaken for any other pipe. This pipe is the pipe for those who seek daring adventure.

Named to homage the brave western explorers who risked life and limb to open western passes between Alberta and British Columbia, the mountaineer traversed the sometimes dangerous terrain by foot and horse, climbing through and over the massive peaks and treacherous cliffs of the Rockies.

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