Brigham Travel Humidor 7 Count

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  • Waterproof.
  • Airtight.
  • Crushproof (1000kg+).
  • Silicone Seal.
  • Double Closing Clasps.
  • Includes Humidifer Disc.

Keep your cigars protected and fresh on the go with the Brigham Travel Humidor for 7 cigars. Designed for the modern cigar enthusiast, this compact and sleek travel humidor provides a secure and convenient solution for storing and transporting your favorite cigars. With a capacity to hold up to 7 cigars, it offers ample space for your smoking pleasures. The durable construction and airtight seal ensure that your cigars remain well-protected from external elements. The included humidifier keeps the humidity levels in check, ensuring optimal conditions for cigar storage. Whether you're traveling or enjoying a day out, the Brigham Travel Humidor is the perfect companion for your cigars.   


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