CVault Container Assorted Sizes

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  • Stainless Steel.
  • All Natural Elements Used. Salt & Water. No Chemicals.
  • Airtight; No Loss Of Oils, Character, Or Flavor.
  • Multiple Latch Design With Silicone Ring On Lid To Lock In Freshness.
  • Includes Boveda Humidity Pack.

Keep your prized tobacco, herbs, spices, or food fresh with the help of the hyrdofarm CVault large steel humidor storage container. This humidor container is lightweight and durable. The silicone seal makes this container air tight and keeps light out. With the hyrdofarm CVault large steel humidor storage container, you'll have the perfect storage container that doesn't just keep things organized, but keeps things fresh too. Includes one Boveda moisture pack to keep the contents in the CVault fresh.

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