Cheech 14mm Coloured Bowl

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  • 14mm Joint Size.
  • Glass Bowl With Handle.
  • Coloured Glass.

Enhance your smoking ritual with the Cheech 14mm Coloured Bowl – a vibrant and functional accessory designed to add a pop of color to your water pipe or bong. Crafted with precision and coated with eye-catching hues, this bowl brings a playful element to your smoking experience.   

The colored design adds a lively and unique touch to your setup. With a 14mm joint size, this bowl is versatile and fits most standard water pipes, allowing you to personalize your smoking sessions.

Made from durable materials, the Cheech 14mm Coloured Bowl is built to withstand the heat of regular use. Load your preferred dry herbs, ignite, and enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoking session with a splash of color.     

Transform your smoking setup with the Cheech 14mm Coloured Bowl – where style meets functionality for an engaging and personalized smoking experience. 


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