Cigar Draw Enhancer Pen

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  • 4" Long Tool, Stored In A 6" Long 'Pen'.
  • Used To Create A Hole Throughout The Cigar, Allowing Air To Travel Through Easier - No More Tough Puffs!     

Enhance your cigar smoking experience with our Cigar Draw Enhancer Pen. This innovative tool is designed to help improve the draw and airflow of your cigars, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable smoke every time. Simply insert the precision tip of the pen into the head of your cigar and gently twist to create a small channel, allowing for better airflow and preventing any tight or plugged draws. The compact and portable design of the pen makes it convenient to carry in your pocket or travel case, ensuring you're always prepared to enhance your cigars on the go. Crafted with durable materials, our Cigar Draw Enhancer Pen is built to last and provides a comfortable grip for easy handling. Upgrade your cigar experience with our Cigar Draw Enhancer Pen and enjoy a perfect draw with every cigar. 


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