Djarum Bliss Original (Clove) Herbal Cigarettes

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  • 20 Per Pack.
  • Tobacco Free Filtered Clove Cigarettes.
  • Clove Flavoured.

Experience the rich and aromatic flavor of Djarum Bliss Original (Clove) Herbal Cigarettes. Made from a unique blend of premium herbs, these cigarettes offer a satisfying and flavorful smoking experience. The distinct taste of clove provides a bold and exotic flavor profile, creating a memorable smoke with each inhale. Djarum Bliss Original Herbal Cigarettes are carefully crafted as a tobacco-free alternative, providing a distinctive smoking option for those seeking a flavorful and aromatic experience. Discover the essence of clove with Djarum Bliss Original (Clove) Herbal Cigarettes. 

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