Plastic Double Blade Cigar Cutter

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  • See Through Design.
  • Double Blade.

Introducing our Plastic Double Blade Cigar Cutter, a convenient and reliable tool for cutting your cigars with precision and ease. This double blade cutter features a durable plastic construction, making it lightweight and portable for on-the-go cigar enthusiasts.   

The dual stainless steel blades are sharp and designed to make clean and smooth cuts, ensuring a perfect draw and preserving the integrity of your cigars. The double blade design provides a straight, crisp cut, allowing you to enjoy your cigars to the fullest.   

Using the Plastic Double Blade Cigar Cutter is simple. Just position the cutter over the cap of your cigar and gently squeeze the handles together. The sharp blades will smoothly slice through the wrapper, creating a clean cut without crushing or damaging the cigar.   

With its compact size and practical design, this plastic cigar cutter is perfect for travel or everyday use. Slip it into your pocket, cigar case, or travel humidor, and you'll always have a reliable cutter on hand to enhance your cigar-smoking experience. 



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