Humidor 30 Count

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  • Holds From 30 Cigars Comfortably.
  • Cedar Wood Interior.
  • Assorted Wood Exterior.
  • Interior Loose Hygrometer Included.
  • Interior Humidifier Included.

Keep your prized cigars in optimal condition with our sleek and functional Humidor 30 Count. Designed to hold up to 30 cigars, this humidor offers a perfect storage solution for enthusiasts with a smaller collection. The Spanish cedar lining provides excellent moisture retention and enhances the flavors and aromas of your cigars. Equipped with a reliable humidification system, it ensures a consistent humidity level to preserve the freshness and quality of your cigars. The hygrometer allows for easy monitoring of humidity levels, while the adjustable divider provides flexibility for organizing your cigars. Elevate your cigar storage with our Humidor 30 Count, combining style and functionality for an exceptional cigar experience.   


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