Pax Mini Vaporizer

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  • 22 Second Heat Up Time.
  • 120 Minute Battery Life.
  • 3D Heating Oven.
  • Small & Sleek Form Factor.

        Pax is known for using conduction heating and being quite decent at it. The Pax Mini is the value version of the Pax Plus, as the Arc S is the value version of the Arc GTS. The Pax Mini is slightly shorter than the Plus and can only vaporize dry herbs. The smaller form factor is paired with a simpler system with one smart temperature setting instead of many different ones. The Pax Mini does have a cycling feature that moves within a range during a session. Still, the temperature is insufficient for complete extraction, and users may find themselves stirring their herb around during their sessions. Controlling the force with which you inhale can minimally impact vapor production. Slower, more controlled hits will ultimately provide the highest temperature this device can reach, estimated to be around 410ºF (210ºC).  


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