Preemo Inline Build Your Bong Middle

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  •  6" Tall.
  • Made Of Borosilicate Glass.
  • Double Sided Inline Percolator.
  • 45mm Joint Size.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Preemo Inline Build Your Bong Middle, a crucial piece for crafting your custom smoking masterpiece. Designed by Preemo, a trusted name in smoking accessories, this middle section seamlessly combines style and functionality to enhance your smoking ritual. The Inline percolator within this middle section is designed for exceptional smoke filtration and cooling, ensuring each inhale is smooth and full of flavor. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to bongs, you'll appreciate the enhanced experience this piece brings. What sets this middle section apart is its compatibility with other Preemo Build Your Bong components, providing you with the creative freedom to design a bong that perfectly suits your preferences. Constructed from high-quality glass, it ensures durability and heat resistance, promising a long-lasting performance. Whether you're enjoying solo sessions or sharing with friends, the Preemo Inline Build Your Bong Middle is a must-have component for crafting a customized and highly enjoyable smoking experience. Elevate your smoking setup today with this versatile and visually captivating middle section. 


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