Stashlogix Silverton Stash Bag

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  • OdorPax (Activated Bamboo Carbon)
  • Infinitely Adjustable And Removable Interior Divider System.
  • Newly Upgraded Combinaion Lock.
  • Rubber Gasket Sealing System.
  • Silver Lining Is Easily Cleanable, Odour-Trapping, And Heat-Resistant.

The StashLogix Silverton offers Secure, Lockable, Portable Storage for all of your Cannabis Accessories. The Silverton conquers new frontiers with its smell-proof and lockable technology. Be organized, safe, secure, and discreet. The “silver lining”, along with the rubbers seals, blocks odours and is cleanable! Includes a metal poker and an OdorPax (odor absorbing packet).

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