The 12 Pot Games Of Christmas

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  • 12 Hilarious Marijuana Christmas Themed Games!
  • "We Wish You A Merry Juana" - A Game Of Spliff-Ful Wishes.
  • "Blazing Around The Christmas Tree" - A Joint Spinner Game.
  • "Chorus Of The Bongs" - A Bong, Bong, Bong Sing-a-Long Game.
  • "I'm Dreaming Of A Green Christmas" - A Green Tokin' Token Game.
  • "All I Want For Christmas Is Chronic" - A Green Tokin' Token Game.
  • "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like 420" - A Dope Dice Game.
  • "Rudolph, The Red-Eyed Stoner" - A Game Of Red-Eye Contact.
  • "Santa Clause Is Coming For Edibles" - Another Dope Dreidel and Chronic Card Game.
  • "It's The Most Wonderful Joint Of The Year" - A Joint Spinner Game Of Chance.
  • "Rockin' Around The Christmas Bong" - A Christmas Song Gone Wrong Game.
  • "Here Tokes Santa Clause" - A Tokin' With The Token Game.
  • "Joy To The Herb" - A Dope Dice And Chronic Card Game.

Get LIT this holiday season with The 12 Pot Games Of Christmas! A box full of hilarious weed themed X-Mas games filled with dreidels, cards, spinners, and more!

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