Zen Cigarette Shooter/Injector

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  • Helps You Fill Cigarette Tubes With Tobacco.
  • Uses King Size Tubes.
  • Fills 1 At A Time.

 Experience effortless cigarette rolling with the Zen Cigarette Shooter/Injector. This innovative device allows you to quickly and easily create your own cigarettes. Simply load the tobacco and paper into the machine, then push the lever for a perfectly packed and rolled cigarette. The Zen Cigarette Shooter/Injector combines convenience, efficiency, and precision, making it a must-have tool for anyone who prefers to roll their own cigarettes. Whether you're a seasoned roller or new to the process, this device offers a seamless and enjoyable experience. Elevate your smoking routine with the Zen Cigarette Shooter/Injector and enjoy the satisfaction of handcrafted cigarettes.    


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