3 Reasons To Keep Your Bong Or Pipe Clean

3 Reasons To keep Your Bong Or Pipe Clean

1. Functions Better & Longer

Trying to use a bong or pipe with a dirty, clogged stem or bowl is frustrating.
Keeping up on cleaning of your piece ensures proper air flow and that any pieces don't get stuck together.
Regular cleaning also makes cleaning easier. The longer a piece sits, the more residue can build up. And the longer residue sits, the harder it is to clean...and more likely that you'll give up on cleaning it altogether!


2. More Enjoyable

When your bong is full of dirty water, condensation, oils, and ash, it's going to lend a taste to your smoke. Keeping things cleaned up means you get the full flavour and effects of your cannabis...not the nastiness inside your pipe.


3. Healthier

Because of stagnant moisture inside bongs (pipes to a lesser extent), mold and mildew can form very quickly. Inhaling these spores and grime particles can cause headaches, breathing issues & other problems. Not great side effects when you're trying to enjoy the pleasant effects of cannabis!

What Can You Do?

- Use our Glass Cleaning Service! Bring us your dirty bongs and pipes and the Gord's Ninjas will have them looking and smoking like new. Prices start at $10 depending on size and dirtiness! Call us at 403-343-1588 if you have questions.

- Even if you don't totally clean out your bong, changing the water will help! Depending on how often you use it, change the water at least every day or two for best results.

- Use liquid cleaners and tools like pipe cleaners and brushes to make cleaning quicker and easier.

- Use a resin blocker so you can even more easily rinse the grime off your glass

- Have a spare bong or pipe so you can switch them out and clean at your leisure

- If your pieces are stored outside or a damp place where there is condensation, give them a good rinse before each use

Good Luck!

We hope these tips are helpful.

Happy Smokin' & Tokin'!