3 Reasons To Use Hemp Wick Instead Of A Lighter

Hemp Wick offers a natural alternative to fuel lighters.

Hemp string is soaked in beeswax and then rolled up in a spool. Different lengths and thicknesses are available. Thicker wick burns slower than the thin wick.

To use, simply light the end of the hemp wick with a lighter (or a candle).

Tilt to control flame.

Hold the flame to your bowl or joint and draw.

Extinguish by snuffing into an ashtray, a quick pinch with the fingers, or blowing out.


1. No inhaling butane and other harmful chemicals. 

When you use a lighter to light your bong or joint, butane is carried into your lungs along with the smoke. Hemp wick provides a cleaner ignition. Some people also use an unrefined hemp rolling paper with their hemp wick to have the most natural smoking experience possible.

2. A more flavorful hit.

Hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than butane, the fuel used in most lighters. This prevents the flavorful terpenes from being burned off by the high temperatures of most lighters and gives you a smoother, tastier hit.

3. Maximize potency.

Cannabinoids, like THC, are also more effective when burned at a lower temperature. This will increase the potency and length of the effects of your cannabis.

Happy Smokin' and Tokin'!