Several ways to store cannabis, tobacco, and cigars properly. Humidors, moisture packs, humidification stones, humidity regulators, air tight containers, Tight Vacs

Does your stash keep drying out on you??⁣⁣

There are ways to keep your tobacco products & cannabis fresh.⁣
And a couple reasons to keep the humidity at the proper levels👍 ⁣⁣
HOW To Store Your Smokables Properly⁣⁣

- You can use a air-tight container. Plastic baggies are not air-tight and let things dry out unless you are using a heavy duty type, like Smelly Proof Bags ⁣⁣

- Do not keep in the freezer! Contrary to popular belief, this actually dries out your stash

- You can use something to provide moisture, like a Humidipak or humidity stone. Humidipaks will put out moisture when it's too dry and absorb it when too wet. Humidity stones will put out moisture as much as possible, which is ok if your stash is really dry. But if it's not regulated, mold can occur. Which brings us to...⁣⁣
WHY You Want To Store Your Smokables Properly⁣⁣

- Because too much moisture can cause mold and mildew (nasty!) and too little moisture means dry product that gets crushed to powder and smokes harsh.⁣⁣

- Because dry tobacco or cannabis also loses the sensitive components responsible for aroma, flavor and effectiveness ⁣⁣
Tobacco and cannabis are not something you want to waste because of improper storage!⁣