7 Reasons To Shop Local This Christmas

7 Reasons To Shop Local This Christmas

1. Your Money Stays Local
Local businesses are more likely to shop at other local businesses and spend their money in your local area rather than going to a business based elsewhere.

2. Locally Made Products
Local businesses are more likely to purchase from other local suppliers, creating jobs for other local businesses

3. Non-Profit Support
Small businesses donate far more to community supports than large businesses
(250% more support according to the University of Central Oklahoma!)

4. Discover People And Things
One-of-a-kind local shops offer a interesting array of people and things, reflective of the local community and culture

5. Personal Connection And Service
Owners are often involved in their business, make the decisions and are building personal relationships. Local owners are often passionate about their products and willing to go that extra mile to make sure you're satisfied with your purchase

6. Creates Community
Supporting local businesses creates community and helps to create future growth in the area. A thriving local economy is good for the community and creates resilience to downturns

7. Diverse Products
Local businesses often have access to a wider variety of suppliers and interesting products because of their ties to the community and other business in their local area.

We hope this blog has inspired you to shop local when you can!

We thank you and our community for the support and wish you

Happy Smokin'N'Tokin'