Different Types Of Rolling Papers & Blunts

Different Types Of Rolling Papers & Blunt Wraps


Did you know there are several different materials used to make rolling papers and wraps?

Knowing there differences can help you better tailor your own smoking experience.


Rolling Papers


The quickest growing rolling paper market for sure. A very mild tasting material that doesn't distract from the flavour of cannabis. Tend to have an easier to roll texture.

Popular brands: Raw, Skunk, & Pure Hemp 


Wood Pulp:

The most common material. They tend to burn faster than other types of papers. Are often bright white, meaning harsh chemicals have been used in bleaching the paper.

Popular brands: Zig Zag 



Not as popular as other materials. Very versatile and easy to make. All natural and safe.

Popular Brands: Canadian Lumber



One of the most common materials before wood pulp papers came around in the late 1800s. The slowest burning material available. Extremely light and clean burning...no ash is produced from the paper burning.

Popular Brands: Elements


Cellulose/Cotton Mallow:

Transparent like glass, kind of a novelty paper. No gum is needed because the paper sticks to itself when licked. Smooth and clean burning, minimal ash produced.

Popular Brands: Trip



Blunt Wraps


Made out of a pressed sheet of hemp or as a pre-rolled cone. Very slow-burning and offers flavour to your smoke, either a cigar-ish flavour or often sweet, fruity flavours.

Popular brands: Juicy Jay's, Low Cloud, Royal Blunts, Kingpin


Palm Leaf:

Smooth and slow-burning, usually available pre-rolled. An all natural, cleaner smoke without any harsh additives or glues.

Popular brands: King Palm



Made with blends of herbs like chamomile, sage and yerba mate. Very similar in burn and flavour to hemp wraps.

Popular brands: Kush, Primal


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