How to Care for Your Butane Lighter

How to Care for Your Butane Lighter

Bleed your lighter to release all tank pressure each time you refill it. Use a small screwdriver, hold the lighter upside down and press down firmly on the fuel valve (small circular valve) for about 5 seconds. Repeat until all fuel/gas pressure is released.

Insert butane canister tip directly on the fuel valve and press down firmly for a few seconds. Before igniting lighter, wait 3-4 minutes for excess butane to evaporate and for the lighter to reach room temperature.

Set flame level to desired height by turning flame adjuster wheel. If flame continues to burn after release of pressure from the ignition button, the flame level is set too high and should be adjusted.

Lighter contains flammable gas under pressure - handle carefully. Never ignite the lighter while refilling. Read butane canister warning labels. Only refill in a well-ventilated area. To clear obstructions such as dirt or lint, blow a burst of air into the ignition valve.

Keep lighters out of reach of children.

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