How To Use Edible Making Kits

When it comes to making edibles of any kind, with a kit or from scratch, the general rule is to Start Low & Go Slow.

Depending on your tolerance and experience, determine the amount of cannabis or cannabis concentrate that you will be using and have it ready.

Some edible kits, like Zen Zingers, require cannabis concentrates such as oil, shatter, wax, distillate, etc. to be mixed into the ingredients.

Other edible kits, like The Marijuana Group, include supplies to infuse coconut oil or vegetable glycerin in case you only have access to cannabis flower/buds.

If you are starting with cannabis flower, you will need to infuse (cook) it in coconut oil or vegetable glycerin before making the actual edibles. This requires cooking the mixture at a certain temperature for a period of time and then straining out the plant material. 

This can be some work so if you can get your hands on cannabis oils or concentrates it can be a time-saver!

Once you have your infused coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, or concentrates, they can be added into the candy mixtures.

Gummies and chocolate have slightly different processes but you will simply add the infused ingredients or concentrates to the melted candy ingredients and then transfer them to silicone molds where they can harden.

Once set, the gummies can be rolled in sugar so they don't stick together. Chocolates and gummies can be stored, tightly wrapped, for 6-9 months...if they manage to last that long!

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