Methods Of Cannabis Ingestion

Methods of Cannabis Ingestion

There are many different ways to ingest cannabis. You just have to choose what works best for you depending on your environment, situation, intention and tolerance. 

Are you hoping for fast pain relief or long-lasting pain relief? To achieve both may require multiple methods.

Are you somewhere you need to ingest stealthily? Are you not wanting anyone to know?

Are you new to ingesting cannabis or have you spent years developing your preferences?

The following list of pros and cons can help you decide which method or combination of methods are right for you. Remember, that trial and error and personal awareness is required when finding your preferences!

Smoking (burning plant material)

Pros: simple, instant relief, easy operation, pipes and bongs can be inexpensive
Cons: burning plant material, smoke smells, dosing can be tricky

Vaporizing (heating plant material, not burning)
Pros: instant relief, fairly easy operation, easier on the lungs than smoking, less smell & more discreet than smoking
Cons: vaporizers can be expensive and require maintenance, dosing can be tricky

Edibles (cannabis infused foods)
Pros: long lasting relief, no smoking/vaping, very discreet, dosing can be very precise, can get DIY kits to make your own
Cons: takes longer for effects to be felt (1-3 hours), dosage can be difficult if not made correctly

Tinctures (extracted cannabis in alcohol, glycerine or oil)
Pros: absorbed under tongue for fast delivery, no smoking/vaping, easy to control dose (especially low doses), can buy machines to make your own
Cons: can be expensive to buy, faster onset than edibles but not as fast as smoking/vaping

Topicals (salves/lotions/patches applied to skin)
Pros: not psychoactive, discreet, localized pain relief. Treats skin issues, arthritis, eczema, minors burns, joint and muscle pain
Cons: may not be very helpful for more serious internal conditions

We hope this was helpful and that you feel ready to make educated decisions about cannabis for you!