Different Kinds Of Cigar Cuts

                                         Different Kinds Of Cigar Cuts
There are several different styles of cigar cutters and cuts. Here are a few of the most common styles.

The "V" Cut
A v-cut cutter has a top to bottom slice and leaves a v-shaped wedge cut in the head of the cigar.

The "Pinhole" Cut
A pinhole cutter or cigar drill create a small hole in the head of the cigar, just enough of an air hole through which to draw smoke.

The "Punch" Cut
A type of cutter that is twisted into the head of the cigar. When removed, the punch cutter removes a plug approx. 1/4" diameter, creating a large air hole while preserving the rounded cigar head.

The Straight or "Guillotine" Cut
This is the most common type of cut. It will sever the head of the cigar in a straight line. This allows air to be drawn through the cigar. The guillotine cutter can have 1 or 2 blades.

Try the different styles of cuts to see which one you prefer!

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