Junction Cigars And Why Gord's Loves Them!

               You know what is no fun? Tobacco tax in Alberta. It takes your favourite everyday smoke and turns it in to a special ocassion only cigar. This is why we at Gord's Smoke Shop have been tirelessly looking for great cigars that are wallet friendly. In our searches, we have brought in a customer favourite brand called Junction.

               "Junction Cigars are a throwback to when the average smoker didn't have to break the bank for a good cigar. It has been a smash hit since its launch in 2017 and is now available in the original Nicaraguan version as well as a Dominican version (with a higher quality wrapper and produced in the Ghurka factory). Either choices are a guaranteed winner... Quality and price meet at the Junction!" - Brigham

               While there are quite a few varieties of the Junction cigars, Gord's currently has three favourites; the Nicaraguan Robusto, Dominican Corona, and the newest edition, the Maduro Corona. All of these are simply showcased with no band, generally smooth wrappers, and a rounded cap. Overall, they tend to be on more of the mild side, making these excellent cigars for anyone from the novice to the experienced smoker.

               The Junction Nicaraguan Robusto was the first of the brand introduced to Gord's, and to this day remains one of our best selling bundle cigars. With a ring gauge of 50, these mild cigars tend to have an easy draw, a creamy, buttery smooth smoke with notes of coffee and earth. This is an excellent lounging on a hot summer day cigar!

               Junction Dominican Corona was our second Junction brand and those who enjoyed the Nicaraguan version were excited to try this one and we are pleased to say they have given this cigar their approval! These corona length cigars feature an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Olor Dominicano binder, and select Dominicano medium filler for an earthy, mild to medium smoke. This cigar is perfect for those who want a touch more body than what is given with the Nicaraguan Robusto, and is a capital cigar to smoke on the golf course.

               If you are looking for something with a little more kick, you should try the Junction Maduro Corona. These cigars are wrapped in a handsomely dark maduro wrap and use Nicaraguan binders to produce a smooth and slightly spicy blend. This is the cigar you turn to in the evening around the fire with a nice whiskey or rum.

               Whether you are looking for a new favourite, or just an inexpensive yet still tasty cigar to hand out to your friends, Junction cigars truly are a cigar where quality and price meet.