Zippo Lighters

Zippo has been the standard for lighters for over 80 years. The first Zippo insert was pushed into the first case in 1933 by George Blaisdell. That was more than 385 million Zippos ago!

The most important information collectors are interested in are style, condition and age.

Style can signify the model and whether it is a regular or slim sized version of the model.

Condition ratings range from "poor" to "mint", depending on the condition of the finish, moving parts, and the packaging. For some aficionados, "Never lit means mint."

Age of your Zippo can be determined by the codes printed on the bottom of all Zippos. These codes began as a quality control method when George Blaisdell wanted to identify which line of lighters was being sent back for repairs. Now these codes have become a collector's dream and a precise way to date most Zippo lighters.

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Another great thing about Zippos is they guarantee "It Works Or We Fix It Free".

Simply mail your lighter, at Zippo's expense, to their Repair Clinic. Your case will be repaired as much as possible, unfortunately, the finish is not guaranteed. A new insert will be fitted into your case.

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"Build your product with integrity...stand behind it 100% and success will follow."

 -George G. Blaisdell, Founder, Zippo Manufacturing Company