Top 5 Bong Cleaning Products

Top 5 Cannabis Cleaning Products

Orange Chronic

Clean your cannabis smoking devices and accessories with Orange Chronic bong cleaner! Orange Chronic is a very efficient and powerful bong cleaner that has little salt crystals added to it to help scrub the inside of your smoking device. Simply add to your bong or pipe, shake it well, or soak it if it is super dirty, and then rinse with water! It does not leave any after taste or smell in your smoking device! Orange Chronic works well on most glass or metal smoking devices. Easy to use and earth friendly. Brightens and cleans glass, metal and ceramic. Available in 16oz and 4oz bottles.

Resolution Gel

Resolution Gel Cleaner is engineered to give your dirty glass pipe or bong the best clean on the market. It is a natural, clay-based cleaning solution that easily removes pipe resin and tar from your glass pipes, bongs, rigs, bowls and so much more! Non-toxic and for use on glass and metal accessories.
For best results, pour 3oz of ResGel into your bong, cover any openings and shake well. Once coated let sit for 5-30 minutes, depending on how dirty the piece is. Rinse with warm water to complete. Repeat if necessary.

Scrubber Ducky's

The NEW Scrubber Duckys kit includes 5 magnetic scrubbers and 1 one heavy-duty, rubber-coated, magnetic outer handle. Scrubber Duckys are Magnetic Water Pipe Scrubbers! Drop a ducky into your water pipe and finally be able to reach those grimy spots you never could before. Then using the rubber outer magnetic handle to attract the Ducky inside, start cleaning the inside of your vessel from the outside. Scrubber Duckys are now washable and feature double-strength magnets! Each Ducky can also be cut to size to fit into smaller water pipes. For use with water-pipes, wine decanters, vases, baby bottles and more. To use opposite scrubbing sides, simply flip the outer magnetic handle. Watch your Duckys do backflips!

Randy's Brushes

These reliable cleaning brush displays from Randy’s are made of galvanized steel and nylon. Randy’s Black Label brushes help to clean large water pipes and also help get the gunk out of your vaporizers. Randy's cleaning brushes are so versatile they are safe and effective on glass, metal, ceramic, silicone & electronics. They work really well for stems and tubes.
For Cleaning Glass, Metal, Ceramic, Silicone, Electronics And More!

Resin Blockers

RezBlock. Want your glass piece to maintain that brand new bong look for longer? Add a few drops of Rez Block to your water when changing it to keep your glass sparkling. Rez Block naturally repels resin build up so your get fresh and delicious hits every time.

Fresh Sesh Bong Care Solution is the newest advancement in bong care. Infuse your bong water with Fresh Sesh to reduce resin build up and add a pleasant aroma to your smoke. With a wide range of refreshing scents to choose from there is something for everyone. Fresh Sesh reduces resin build-up on your glass, so you don't have to clean your bong as frequently and elevates your senses while smoking with one of our many aromatic motion-activated scents. The bubbles created in your water pipe while you smoke activate and intensify the aroma helping to enhance your smoking experience. It also masks smells in between cleanings with room filling fragrance that permeates the air around your bong making that stinky bong smell a lot more bearable.

Simply Fill up your pipe normally as you would with water. Open your Fresh Sesh bottle and add the recommended amount on the label. Small size bottles have 2 uses in a 8-12" piece. Regular size bottles have 6-8 uses in a 8-12" piece. If you want the scent to be stronger or use a bigger water-pipe, simply add more Fresh Sesh.

Piece Water Solution is a replacement for regular H2O in your bong. Piece Water is an all natural water pipe filtration liquid that keeps your bongs or rigs clean while you smoke and it makes for much cleaning and smoother hits. It also help resin from sticking to the inside of your bong, making it so much easier to clean! Proprietary blend of all natural - food grade- mineral, vegetable and fruit extracts. Piece Water is 100% safe and natural and it comes in a 355ml bottle.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you in choosing cannabis accessory cleaning products that are right for you.
Happy Smokin'N'Tokin!